Primex acquires SeaKlear in Europe


Primex ehf has acquired the European SeaKlear business, along with production, brand and customer relations. SeaKlear is a producer of high quality water treatment for swimming pools where the main active ingredient is chitosan from Primex ehf. Primex plans to continue sales and production under the SeaKlear name with no changes for current customers.

Sk-singature„We are excited to continue the good work that has been done with SeaKlear and we aim to increase customer awareness and sales both in Iceland and Europe. This production is a logical addition to the Primex business as we are the main supplier for the active ingredient of SeaKlear and will moving forward be able to provide our current and new SeaKlear customers with high quality product and service.“ – Sigríður Vigfúsdóttir, CEO of Primex ehf For information on the transaction please contact Ms Vigfúsdóttir at 00354 460 6900 or

Inquiries by European customers are referred to Mr. Vigfus runarsson at